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The Officially Recognised Malaysia National Pavilion for JD Worldwide by HE Minister of International Trade & Industry of Malaysia

Officially Recognised National Pavilion by the Government of Malaysia.

We support Malaysian brands, particularly small & medium enterprises to take their first step by venturing beyond our border to take on the China market.

Our Malaysia National Pavilion has the status of the flagship store on JD, Douyin (Tiktok) and Taobao by Alibaba. This enables our merchants to enjoy many benefits and support from these platforms, both online and offline as they establish and expand their brands and products beyond their shores. 

JDMas also plans to launch its platforms on xiaohongshu ("Little Red Book") and wechat in 2024. 

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Integrated Business Model & Plan to Cater for Malaysia Brands

JDMas customizes its offering for its merchants through a multi-pronged strategy over a given period of time. Malaysian companies are able to quickly penetrate the China market through the innovative technology driven platforms, whilst enjoying substantial savings in taxes and fulfillment charges. These companies are also to leverage on AI ("artificial intelligence") driven technology to understand the market and to scale growth.

Our platform provides an opportunity to quickly grow your brand and business in a systematic manner, from local to cross border trade, pure online to online & offline presence in China, B2C to B2B to B2B2C business models in China and beyond.

These enable a powerful omnichannel strategy that provide both online and offline revenue streams. 

A Cheaper, Faster & Easier way Fulfill Cross Border eCommerce

A Cheaper, Faster & Easier way for Cross Border eCommerce

Our brands and merchants are able to take advantage of our vast network of private and public bonded warehouses. This B2C method enables cutting through confusion of going through overseas trademark registration, regulations related to CFDA and confusing middle-men. Matured brands can be matched with our sophisticated network of traditional and modern omnichannel distributors throughout China. 

JDMas is able to provide solutions for fulfilment with the right warehouses, clearance and including last mile logistics. 

It is about the opportunity to engage and fulfill the demands of  end consumers directly using digital tools, and make data driven decisions to drive your business growth.

Malaysia Brands

Access the Large & Growing Demand for Malaysia Brands and Products

China is fast becoming the world's largest retail market. Seize this opportunity to market and sell your brand and products. Take advantage of the relatively quick growth and market size over 1.4 billion users on board our platforms on JD.com, Taobao and Douyin.

There is an increased appetite and interest in brands and products from Malaysia. Find them on our stores in various categories, namely general goods, fresh stores that feature durians and seafood, health and wellness store that are available online. We also have offline displays and pop-up stores as well. 

Our store also feature a sub category of Indonesia products. 

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Opportunities to Scale Your Business Over the Long Term

Our platform provides an opportunity to quickly grow your brand and business in a systematic manner, from local to cross border trade, pure online to online & offline presence in China, B2C to B2B to B2B2C business models in China and beyond. Our network of distributors, merchants and suppliers within our ecosystem, as well as JD's are able to ensure you are connected to the right markets using the right strategy and tools.

We are able to provide comprehensive services that include trade mark registration, packaging, brand and product listing, market research, integrated promotion & marketing, logistics & fulfillment, payment systems, store operations, training and many more. 

Benefits of Being Our Merchants

Comprehensive one-stop solution growth platform that combines technology and innovation.

We list with China's top notch platforms such as JD.com, Douyin and Taobao. 

Access to and engage with more than 1.4 billion users in China.

Full-fledged fulfillment that enables same day or next day last mile delivery across 99% of China.

Speed to market with between 2 weeks to 2 months of registration with cross border commerce model.

Sell direct to consumers in China and make data driven decisions using digital tools.

Growth with the right business models – online & offline, B2C, B2B and B2B2.

Benefit from grants and assistance from Malaysian government & its agencies. 

Cold-chain fulfilment supported by JD’s wide network of 20 cold-chain warehouses located across China


Lilly & Charanjit

We are pleased with the assistance and guidance provided by JDMas at the start of our cross border eCommerce business. Our company is on the way to obtain the trade mark registration for purposes of registrtion with JD Worldwide.

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Lilly Wong & Charanjit Singh
Filvacco (M) Sdn Bhd
Coach Roszie Amir

Our company is involved in fashion, particularly Malaysian fashion. We are pleased with the service rendered for our cross border business and to be listed on JD Worldwide.

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Coach Roszie Amir
Initiate Resources
Dato' Daavid KF Chen

The onboarding process was smooth and guidance was clear through the the team. We are pleased that we have successfully sent and sold our products in China.

Bae Bae
Dato' Daavid KF Chen
Managing Director,
Bio-Integrasi Sdn Bhd
Celia Teoh

We are pleased with the guidance of JDMas for our company in embarking on cross border eCommerce journey. The onboarding and listing was done in less than 2 weeks.

Baby Organix
Celia Teoh Wan Ching
Managing Director,
Econat Resources Sdn Bhd

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