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About JDMas

About JDMas

JDMas was launched in conjunction with National eCommerce Day on 12th December 2019, where the Hon. Minister of International Trade & Industry (MITI) also witnessed the collaboration with JD Worldwide on B2C cross border eCommerce. It was set-up with as a launchpad for Malaysian companies to penetrate and grow their brands across our shores, particularly in China. JDMas is an abbreviation for Jaguh Dunia Malaysia or Malaysian World Champion.

Our client merchants will leverage our extensive technology driven platforms provided by JD.com and its affiliates such as Douyin, Kwaishou and Wechat. The platforms are supported by a comprehensive ecosystem of digital tools, data, warehouse, cross border freight and last mile freight, payment systems and offline channels situated across the market we operate in.

About JDMas

We also provide customised cross border commerce support in areas of trademark registration, branding & packaging, education & training that are powered by innovation and technology. Since our inception, JDMas has expanded to cross border Fresh food and cold chain commerce, as well as intensified our Malaysian based stores for new and emerging brands.

About JDMas


  • We aspire to be the preferred platform to market and grow uniquely Malaysian brands internationally.


It is our mission to:

  • Unlock the full potential of authentic Malaysian brands to capture and compete in the international market.
  • Connect and engage with consumers globally to sell authentic and desirable products from Malaysia.
  • Continuously enhance & improve our capabilities with dynamic & innovative solutions with our people and partners.

About JD Worldwide

cross-border e-commerce

JD Worldwide is JD.com's cross-border e-commerce platform specifically designed to bring high quality imported products to the China market.

fortune 100

JD.com is the largest online and offline retailer in China and the first internet company to make the Fortune Global 500 list, ranked 59th in 2021, a rise of 43 places compared to last year. It is also the 3rd largest internet company globally after Amazon and Alphabet with eCommerce value transaction at USD114.3 billion in 2020.


JD Worldwide enables brands from around the world to sell directly to Chinese consumers, even those that do not have a physical presence in China, meaning that JD.com customers can get high-quality products from around the globe delivered to their doorsteps at the push of a button.

global shipping

It provides global shipping and warehousing solutions that ensure products from regions around the world are delivered to the doorsteps of customers in China with ease.

The distinct advantages of JD.com (京东)

The largest retailer in China, and the 3rd largest in the world. JD.com is also a Fortune 100 company.

Products listed on JD Worldwide are authenticated and genuine. There is zero tolerance for fakes. This creates trust and peace of mind for China consumers in the long run.

Able to deliver to 99% of China through its proprietary sophisticated logistics and last-mile delivery ecosystem. The strength and development of JD Logistics can make the same-day delivery within China.

The only eCommerce platform in the world to provide small to medium-sized warehousing, oversized warehousing, cross border, cold chain delivery, frozen and chilled warehousing, B2B and crowdsourcing logistics.

Top Management

Dato' Bruce LIM
Dato' Bruce LIM
Managing Director
Desmond NG
Desmond NG
Member, Executive Committee
Kevin OOI
Kevin OOI
Chief of Logistics
Chris Daniel WONG
Chris Daniel WONG
Chief Corporate Officer

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