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JDMAS Platforms

We have the distinction of owning and operating the official Malaysia National Pavilion on JD Worldwide and JD Fresh Go stores, as well as affiliate sites on Douyin and upcoming WeChat. 

On top of that, our key account (KA) status with JD allows us to plan and execute our growth and marketing strategies directly unto the system, without the need to go through various third parties. 

These bring tremendous benefits for JDMas merchants as they are able to obtain special support, both from the Government of Malaysia, as well as from JD and its affiliate media. This translates into more effective communication and advertisement, leveraging on cross channel data, and therefore providing better sales and returns. 

Our platforms are also seamlessly connected via the omnichannel strategy to various physical O2O stores in China to provide a superior and effective experience for our customers. 

Malaysia National Pavilion on JD Worldwide

JD Worldwide Cross Border Commerce


JDMas is the owner and operator of the official national pavilion for Malaysia on JD Worldwide. This is a cross border e-Commerce platform that enables customers in China to purchase authentic Malaysian brands and products with ease and convenience that is expected from

The official pavilion enjoys flagship status with JD. Merchants are able to tap into the B2C Chinese market without the need to have physical presence in China. Another unique feature is the availability of global freight and tax-free bonded warehousing solutions that ensure products reach the doorsteps of customers in China with speed and ease. 

Our flagship store is also linked to affiliate platforms such as Douyin and Wechat, among others. 


JD Fresh Go

Fresh food is one of the key business of JD, and we have an upcoming Malaysia flagship store on JD Fresh Go. This store has access to JD's unparalleled cold chain logistics in China. Customers in China are able to purchase authentic Malaysian fresh food such as Musang King durians, the best selling food item on 

The Fresh Go store will feature unique products such as fruit produce, seafood, meats and frozen food such as ice-cream & gelato, as well as curry puffs and other delicious pastries. Customer base and sales on JD Fresh has been extremely encouraging with affluent young China market opting for authentic, quality fresh products. 

Our merchants are also able to access high-tech physical supermarkets with our omnichannel strategy and collaboration with 7 Fresh stores. Here, we are able to leverage both online and offline channels, on top of cold chain storage and delivery with JD. 

JDMas Lazada

JDMas Malaysia Local Store

JDMas also has presence back home in Malaysia through our store on Lazada and Shopee. This store provides opportunities for our merchants to strengthen their foundation in our home country. 

It is also an incubation for early stage merchants who require e-Commerce incubation before fully qualifying for cross border and export platforms. This offers JDMas merchants to speed to market via eCommerce at home, whilst waiting to get sales across the shores. Amongst the preparation and training done are in trademark registration, branding, packaging, promotion and logistics.

The store is operated in collaboration with GX Digital. 

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