Program Recording For Malaysian Brands on Hainan TV

Program Recording For Malaysian Brands on Hainan TV

We have just completed the recording of a programme showcasing Malaysia and its products with Hainan TV recently. Hainan TV is a large regional media house of the Hainan Broadcasting Group.

The programme, which was recorded in Beijing, featured our ambassador, HE Datuk Nurshirwan Zainal Abidin, who was actively promoting some of Malaysia’s local foods and products. 

Among the highlights are the feature of the thorny delight, Musang King durian, the all-time favourite of China consumers.

There are up to 70 products being featured on the stage, mostly available on JDMas’ Malaysia National Pavilion on JD platforms. 

It is our honour and delight to promote our merchants' brands to China. 
We can't wait for the exciting show to be released in conjunction with Malaysia Day in a few months time. There will be live links to our store directly from the show. 
More exciting things are coming in the future🎉

近日,我们刚刚完成了马来西亚品牌推广的节目录制。 海南卫视是中国海南广播电视总台旗下的大型区域媒体公司。

该节目在北京录制,由我们的大使 HE Datuk Nurshirwan Zainal Abidin 为我们推广马来西亚的当地食品和产品,其中亮点便是中国消费者一直以来的最爱——猫山王榴莲。

舞台上展示的产品多达 70 种,大部分产品可在的京东平台上 JDMas 马来西亚国家馆购买。

能将大马商家的品牌推广到中国是我们的一大荣幸。我们期待此节目能在马来西亚日顺利发布,未来还会有更多的精彩活动接踵而来 🎉

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