Collaboration and Feature on JD 7Fresh Smart Store

JDMas is honoured to be featured in the collaboration with Matrade and 7Fresh, in conjunction with the Malaysia Commodities Festival.

The event was launched on 17th October at JD 7Fresh store in Guang’an Men, Beijing in conjunction with pre-promotion of 11-11 or singles day. Our trade commissioner, Puan Razida Hanim Razak was present to launch the event.

7Fresh redefines the offline-online retail experience by combining the best parts of fresh grocery markets and top-quality restaurants with cutting edge e-commerce technology.

Selected JDMas brands were featured, alongside Matrade Mid-Tier company brands at the 7Fresh store.

JDMas 很荣幸能与 MATRADE 和七鲜生鲜馆合作,参与马来西亚商品节活动。

该活动于10月17日在北京广安门京东七鲜生鲜馆启动,与 11-11 光棍节的预促销相配合。

我们的贸易专员 Puan Razida Hanim Razak 出席了开幕式。


其中 JDMas 的精选品牌与 MATRADE 个大中型企业的品牌同时在七鲜馆亮相。

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