JDMas Receives Outstanding Business Growth Award

JDMas Commerce is honoured to receive the Outstanding Business Growth (OBG) Award 2021. This award is given in recognition of JDMas’ sales growth since the Malaysia flagship store on JD Worldwide was launched in China. The award is conferred by Portman College and Money Save.

Managing Director of JDMas, Dato’ Bruce Lim was present to receive the award from the Chairman and President of Portman Education Group at the Entrepreneur Convention 2021. Dato’ Bruce Lim thanked the merchants and team of the JDMas who are instrumental to ensure the cross border Commerce journey continues to grow from strength to strength.

JDMas Commerce 很荣幸获得 2021 年杰出业务增长 (OBG) 奖。 该奖项是为了表彰自京东国际马来西亚旗舰店在中国开设以来的销售增长。 该奖项由波特曼学院和 Money Save 颁发。

JDMas 执行董事拿督 Bruce Lim 出席 2021 年企业家大会,接受波特曼教育集团董事长兼总裁颁发的奖项。 Dato’ Bruce Lim 也借此感谢 JDMas 的商家和团队,他们在确保跨境电子商务之旅不断壮大的过程中发挥了重要作用。

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