Malaysia Overseas Flagship Store Launched at (JDCorpBlog)

Malaysia Overseas Flagship Store Launched at

JD Corporate Blog (17th December 2020)


Malaysia Overseas Flagship Store officially joined JD Worldwide, JD’s platform for imported products, on December 16th. An online ceremony held between Kuala Lumpur and Beijing to celebrate the store’s launch was attended by Malaysian Ambassador to China, Mr. Raja Dato’ Nushirwan Zainal Abidin; Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing, Malaysia Prime Minister’s Special Envoy to China and Chairman of the Malaysia China Business Council; Larry Lee, vice president of JD. com; and Frank Yu, general manager of marketing and operations at JD Worldwide.

Malaysian products have been long favored by Chinese consumers, especially latex products, coconut products, coffee and more. The newly launched store will introduce nearly 1,000 products from over 60 Malaysian brands, such as instant bird’s nest soup, Musang King durian coffee, curry and coconut milk.

“I am very excited about this launch,” said the ambassador. “ is a platform featuring premium products. I am very keen for the Malaysian brands, especially the brands producing premium products to enter the vast Chinese market. It’s very important for JD, and partners in Malaysia and Malaysian government to all work together to boost the capacity of Malaysian companies to penetrate the Chinese market, which is now very sophisticated.”

“ has over 440 million active customers, which is about 13 times of Malaysia’s population, who are all potential customers of Malaysian Flagship Store,” said Lee. “We will work closely with Malaysia Embassy in Beijing and JD Mas to achieve greater success.” JD Mas is the local operator of the Malaysian flagship store.

“Malaysia has rich resources and unique products,” said Yu. “We are happy to bring more high-quality Malaysian products through the new flagship store. I wish through our efforts, we could not only bring the products, but also Malaysian culture to Chinese consumers, and continue to deep our cooperation between the two countries.”

JD Worldwide has been making great progress in recruiting more international brands from different countries. During the pandemic, it worked with several organizations to hold online conferences for international brands on how to enter the Chinese market through JD. National Pavilion is another project for JD Worldwide to introduce overseas products and culture to Chinese consumers, and is especially beneficial to smaller brands. In late November, JD Worldwide welcomed the launching of Peruvian Pavilion for its alpaca products, quinoa and more.

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